Saturday, September 10, 2011

34 Years + 1 Week

Turns out I haven't changed that much in 34 years + 1 week. 

I am still a thinker.  A processor.  One who reminisces and romanticizes over details. 

I'm still not a talker.

I still love the idea of home.  Of pretty dishes and home cooked meals.

 (circa Sept 1979)

I still think all Holidays and Birthdays should be a really big deal.

I still have the same goofy sense of humor I always have (and the same really horrible math skills).
(circa 4th or 5th grade, I think)

I still have the same beliefs I was raised with.  I still want to be good at everything I try to do.

I still have pretty much the same hairstyle as when I was three.

I still love sweet peas and I still, forevermore, hate meatloaf.

Other things have changed, but most noticeably this......

Not cool, 34.  Not cool.