Monday, August 29, 2011

Jacob Dean - Part II

Last week I talked about going to the gun club.  That was one of the 13 year old boy enforced activities.  The rest of the week was either spent in the water, in the water, or in the water.

We would spend pretty much all morning/afternoon at the lake (where Jacob found the one and only frog that has ever lived at Lake Coeur d'Alene.  Probably.).

Or at the river.

Or at the swimming pool.

Plus more shooting at a different gun club.

Back to the river.  We really wanted to float the river but there was no time in Jim's schedule and I seriously doubted Jake, my mother and I could handle such an adventure ourselves without some sort of catastrophic outcome.  Instead we played with remote control boats and watched Jacob swim. 

The next day we brought a little row boat for Jacob to play with.   Jim pushed him into the water and hoped for the best (we don't have kids, remember?)

I couldn't help but notice his paddling skills weren't as advanced as I had hoped.

Because of that, I suggested Jacob give his favorite Aunt G a ride.  It's not that I didn't trust him exactly, but I would have had a difficult time explaining to my big brother why I put his youngest child in a rubber raft in the middle of a current near a waterfall.   So I got in and prayed he wouldn't get us both killed.

After I got bored of riding and assumed Jacob had mastered the death defying art of paddling against the current, I got out.  My mom kept an eagle eye on Jacob, as moms (and grandmas) are prone to do.

When Jacob was done rowing he did what any decent young boy would do.  He poked at crawdads with a long stick until it was time to go home.

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