Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jacob Dean - Part I

Every year my mother comes from Missouri to visit us up here in Washington, and every year she brings along one of my nieces or nephews.  The last three years have been neices (Brandilyn, Kayla, and Abbey), but this year was my nephew Jacob Dean.  I love Jake dearly but I was pretty clueless what to do with a 13 year old boy.

When they arrived we took them to dinner at a favorite local seafood restaurant.  Kids like food, right?

And I made a retarded face while Jacob took my picture because that's just what I do.

Jacob became quite enamored with Big Jim's massive gun collection and wanted to go shooting so Big Jim took us to one of his gun clubs for some skeet shooting.

Big Jim explained the rules of the club and off we went. 

Jacob has been raised around guns his entire life and you can tell.  He was a total pro.

Even though his sweet little arms barely reached the trigger, I'm pretty sure he was one of the best shots although the rest of us did give it a good try.

This last picture is me about a half a second before the gun kicked me back into the wall behind me.  I fared okay in the end but Jacob got a huge bruise from all the guns he shot over and over.

And he was mighty proud of it.

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