Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Heart Is With You Joplin

Disaster hit home, literally and figuratively this week. On Sunday a major tornado destroyed much of Joplin, MO, a town I have been to many times. A town that isn't far from my own hometown and my family. The tornado was reportedly one mile wide and touched down for six miles. As of this posting there are 124 people confirmed dead with 1500 people still missing, and approximately 75% of the town is in ruins.

I remember waiting in an underground cellar at my grandparents house as a child for a tornado to pass. I remember hearing a tornado outside my bedroom window as a teenager and running to the safety of my parent's room. These storms become commonplace when you are subjected to them so often for so many years, but one has never left this kind of destruction and heartache behind, not this close to home.

The following video was heart wrenching for me to listen to. I listened to it several times and cried in fear and pain for these people each time. Listening to them pray to God and confirm their love for each other, possibly for the last time in their minds was so sad and yet so beautiful.

But the thing I have noticed that makes me so very proud to be from the Ozarks is that every time I see an interview or a picture of the people there who have lost so much, I see people smiling and helping each other. People who so openly rely on their faith and look to God and the future rather than being angry and bitter.

God bless you Joplin and Godspeed in your recovery.

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