Saturday, March 19, 2011

As If The Parking Garage Wasn't Bad Enough

I have traveled the trip to and from my local airport hundreds of times, but I've only actually driven myself two times.  Three if you count this week.  I hate parking garages.  You may remember my story about it here, but to recap, I think there are rapists and serial killers hiding under the cars just waiting to grab my feet as I walk by.  I wonder if this has anything to do with my brothers hiding under my bed and grabbing my feet after a marathon of Nightmare on Elmstreet?  Anyway, I had to take myself this week and just as I was starting to relax that no one was crouched down in the back of my car waiting to attack, I paid my parking fee and this creepy smiley face popped up....

And I might have heard some sinister laughing off in the distance.  Parking garages suck.


Mom said...

That's a mean looking smiley face!! That alone scares me!! Love ya!

SAMANTHA said...

When you were little Springfield only had one and that was at Sears.

I blame everything on my brothers too!