Thursday, February 3, 2011

How To Have Fun At Work

When I travel I almost always have my camera with me.  Lately I have been trying to capture some candid shots of my teams in the various cities I visit.  Most of them do everything they can to avoid me when I have it out, but today I accidentally left my camera on the counter while I was busy doing work stuff and the team in Missoula hijacked it and had a heyday.

This is their Office Pet, "Sheep Box." 

I have no idea when he/she became a part of our team, but he/she seemed to be very productive today if the pictures left behind on my camera are any indication.

I love my silly people!


Mom said...

How funny, made me laugh!! I especially liked the bathroom one. Looks like you have some entertaining people working for you!!! Love ya

Joe Thiele said...

that's one very sad, obviously overworked sheep...:)