Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Trip Is Going To Be Expensive

Courtesy of Delta's free gogoinflight internet this month, I am blogging to you from seat 2C on Delta flight 1260 headed to SLC.  I am probably somewhere over Idaho right now, and will ultimately end up in Great Falls, MT for a 3 day stay. 

I was kind of excited when I was packing last night because I had this brilliant idea to pack up all of my December Daily album stuff and bring it along so I can stay on top of it this year (it's my 3rd attempt).  I also had a slew of other things to keep the hotel boredom at bay, including a few books for Christmas craft ideas and a bag of crochet supplies.  I was all packed up and ready to go then decided to bring an extra little bag with me to carry on the plane so I would have something to do on my flights.  Fast-forward to our arrival at the airport.  We got out of the car and headed to the back, opened the door then Jim and I looked at each other, dumbfounded, and I said "Where's my luggage?"  He was all "I thought you had it."  He thought my little last minute add on bag was my luggage.  So, here I am, well on my way into a 3 day trip with nothing but a computer, some work papers, my wallet, a camera, some yarn but no crochet hook, and a bunch of self-directed anger.

This is what I will now have to purchase after I get off work at 7:00 in the coldest city on Earth:  a toothbrush (every time I've had to borrow one from the hotel desk I end up with 15 bristles on my tongue because they disintegrate), a hairbrush (because there is zero chance of getting a plastic comb through my hair after I've ratted around all night), 2 sets of clothes (have I mentioned I dislike shopping AND spending money?), make-up (and you now KNOW how picky I am about that) and something, anything to do besides watch TV. 

Not to mention I had over a dozen headband orders ready to be shipped (If you are waiting for one I am super duper sorry and promise to mail them out when I get home Saturday). 

There must be a positive side to this, right?  Okay, let's think.....
Maybe my new favorite outfit is just waiting to be purchased tonight.
Maybe Sephora is having a buy one, get one free special on everything (please?)
Maybe I will discover a new crafty thing at Michaels that I'll love.
Maybe, just maybe this has taught me a lesson and will never happen again.

No need to feel sorry for me.  Although this is the first time I've forgotten everything, I have forgotten to bring makeup twice and several times I've forgotten a single article of clothing.  My favorite was the time I forgot to pack a dress shirt so I ended up wearing dress pants with my Cookie Monster t-shirt underneath the fleece jacket I couldn't take off for obvious reasons. 

Plus, I think I can turn today's attire inside out and start a new trend. 


Laurie said...

Angie...I am sooo sorry! I would be a ranting fool if I were in your shoes, but you always seem to finds a ray of sunshine in everything that happens. How I need to remember that!

Mom said...

Oh Sissy, I am so sorry! I bet Jim felt bad for you too. At least you will get some new clothes out of this. Love you!!