Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Very First Flat Tire

For every bad thing that happens, there is always something good that comes of it, or something to be appreciated.   I believe that with my whole heart.

Let's examine yesterday, shall we?

Bad - I was informed that my 6am flight to SLC was going to be at least an hour late due to the amount of snow encasing the plane and still falling.

Good - My scheduled layover in SLC was going to be two and a half hours anyway.

Bad - Two and a half hours later we were still on the plane ready to de-ice and the de-icer broke.

Good - I was seated in first class so I had contstant coffee refills and snacks being offered.

Bad - I missed my connecting flight to Idaho Falls by a long shot.

Good - There was another flight available just 45 minutes after I arrived in SLC.

Bad - I got a flat tire between the airport and the store.

Good - I called the rental company and they are bringing me a new car this morning.

Bad - Yesterday was a crazy hectic day.

Good - Today has to be better. 


Mom said...

I'm so glad you can see the sliver lining!! love you

Angie said...

Yesterday it was a silver lining, but sometimes it is a sliver lining. ☺ Love you too, Mom.

Mom said...

oops!! I meant silver!! I'm a horrible proof reader!!