Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Here we go.... The first day of my new site!  I realize it might not look that different at first, but that's mostly because I'm not technically savvy enough to figure out why the background shows up on some computers and not others.  If you see a turquoise background, CONGRATULATIONS!  You win absolutely nothing, but you get to marvel in the beauty that is turquoise. The big difference here is the name change and the little link buttons on the right.  Pretty much everything is organized now and easily accessible.  If it works, that is.  

The new name of this site is a nod to my two worlds - part time "Career Woman" and part time lover of all things domestic (plus a dozen other personality tidbits that just wouldn't fit into the title).  There are still many, many changes and additions to come, but I was really excited to get it started.  This is my pet project and my outlet.  A big thanks to those of you who choose to come along for the ride.  



Mom said...

It looks awesome!!! Love you, Mom

Donna B. said...

Great Job Angie! I have to say I was waiting with anticipation for your new site and I declare it
Wonderful! :)

Samantha said...

I completely agree! The site is wonderful!! I am a lucky person because I can see the turquoise background. Love you!

Angie said...

Thank you Ladies. Love you all!!!

Anonymous said...

We met once when we bought some beautiful furniture from you over 8 years ago. I feel, though, that I have gotten to know you through both your mom, hair stylist extraordinaire, and via your incredible blog. Though I cant see turquoise, I DONT CARE!!! You are back, and that's all that matters. I truly think I experienced ABW (Angie Blog Withdrawal) while you were under construction. Just wanted to welcome you back. I'm off to explore POTHOLDERS AND PANTYHOSE...super-creative name!
TTFN...Laurie Nitzsche

Angie said...

Thanks Laurie! I am super honored to have you here!

Amber said...

Love your new blog home! It's the perfect combination of what you said, career and domestic.

Angie said...

Thanks Amber!