Friday, November 12, 2010

Military + Airport = Waterworks

Several of the cities I travel to are military towns. Sometimes as I am heading to the line for security I walk past a young couple saying their goodbyes before this brave young man leaves for his tour of duty. Sometimes I watch as a group of girls hug each other and cry because one of their daughters or sisters just left them to go overseas for a year or two. But sometimes I come home on the same flight as a group of servicemen and women that have been in Afghanistan or Iraq or somewhere else in the Middle East and will be seeing their family and friends for the first time since they were deployed. As they walk past people on the plane heading to their seats, I hear many people express their thanks for their service and sacrifices. The flight attendant or the pilot usually express their gratitude and we all clap and cheer for them. But the best part is when we get home. As I walk down the ramp to baggage claim I see a huge group of people smiling and holding balloons and signs, all anticipating the arrival of someone special they've been worried about and praying for since the day they left. The military people stick together and always come down together as a group. Everyone waiting erupts into cheers as soon as they see the first sign of camouflage. People start jumping up and down. Children run to their Daddies. Everyone embraces. It makes me cry every single time. 


Mom said...

Made me tear up just reading this!!

Angie said...


Mom said...

Oh hush, no matter what Jeff says, I do to have a heart!!