Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Ornament Video

First things first - My precious laptop and I have been reunited.  I would have been back last week except that I was sent to Denver for sun-up to sun-down meetings the entire week. 

Remember when I posted how to make Quilted Christmas Ornaments last year?  The weirdest thing has happened... people I don't know watch it.  I suppose I knew by posting it on YouTube that it was a possibility, but I didn't really expect it to receive any attention.  As of today it has been watched more than 7700 times and I get emails from all kinds of people because of it.  Weird.  One girl even tracked me down on Facebook to friend me!  I made a second video this morning to answer some of the questions that people have asked.  Here it is in case you were wondering, too.

By the way, watching and listening to yourself on video is seriously the worst thing ever. 


1 comment:

Moe said...

Oh my gosh, I agree. It is super weird hearing yourself recorded! But its also neat because it's like stopping time. Same thing as photographs....

I've recently posted some diy videos for xmas & think "oh my gosh, I hope people don't think I am crazy!"

I love your blog, super inspiring. Congrats on the crochet skills! Its so much fun huh?

I am now following you :)