Monday, September 6, 2010

I Fought The Meatloaf And The Meatloaf Won

Let's start with a little background info. I hate meatloaf. I have always hated meatloaf. I literally gagged as a child when it was placed in front of me. Serious dry heave wretching. In the last couple years my tastes have changed, my palate has matured. I still don't really like anything chunky, but I was willing to try meatloaf again for the first time in about 24 years.

I really thought if I made it myself I could overcome my ridiculous mental aversion to it. And it started out just fine. First off, I cooked the onions with all the spices. I think the smell of onions cooking is scrumptious!

And then the ground hamburger. I used to eat it raw as a child. Sorry if that sounds gross, but it's something my Dad did and it really is delicious. Back then we knew exactly where our beef was coming from so it wasn't really that dangerous, now I wouldn't dare, even though I was tempted. Not to mention Jim would literally go into some sort of Howard Hughes breakdown if I did.

Here's where things started getting a little sketchy. I was okay with the different components, but once I put it all together, I wasn't feeling so positive anymore.

At this point I kind of went crazy and started laughing. As I was forming the loaf shape of my nemesis, I was grossed out and nervous and maybe on the verge of gagging so I started laughing instead.

But I cooked it and tried it. I ate a bite and hated it, then Jim made me take one more bite.

Then I threw it away and ate an entire plate of mashed potatoes and gravy and vowed to never, ever try meatloaf again as long as I live.

Number 7 - done.



Tracy said...

Thank you for this! I used to be okay with meatloaf, but somewhere along the way I lost my mojo and now it's just a big lump of blech to me. It's been probably 2 years since I've been able to finish an entire slice and I finally just gave up (yay, mashed potatoes!). And really - if I'm going to spend the $$ and make a meal for my family of 2+ pounds of meat, why wouldn't I get a steak or a pork chop?

Angie said...

Tracy, this makes me laugh! I'm glad I am not the only one with a dread for "the loaf." I am so on board with you and the steak!!!