Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Details - Day 2 and 3

The overeating on our vacation started early. We started the day at IHOP before Jim's 7 hour "4 hour drive" landed us in Port Angeles, WA. I will admit that me, mom and Abbs probably slowed the drive down with the multiple reststops. Not our fault. Everyone knows females have smaller bladders.

Port Angeles is where Jimbo lived prior to moving to Missouri and meeting Moi. Because of that, he was like a built in guidebook and knew the best place to eat. When you are on the coast you pretty much have to eat seafood. It's like a rule so we ate a lot of it.

The next morning we boarded the ferry to cross the Straight of Juan De Fuca to get to Canada. It was very, very windy and chilly.

Then when we got to Canada, we ran into Queen Elizabeth.

At a wax museum I mean. I realize how incredibly nerdy it sounds to say that we visited a museum on our vacation, but it was cool. Maybe just a tad nerdy. It did have a "chamber of torture" that showed all different forms of medieval torturing. It was funny to hear Abbey tell her Daddy on the phone about it. Abbey might have learned a lot of things she was better off without knowing on this trip. Oh well, she can't be innocent forever.

I find Victoria utterly charming. It is a British Colony so when you're walking around you hear people talking with English accents. I'm a sucker for romanticism and Victoria exudes it everywhere.

The Empress is the most amazing hotel ever. More castle like than any hotel I've ever stayed in. I dream of having high tea there someday, but at $75 per person, it will have to wait a little while. Someday though.
Pardon my bizarre facial expression in the next picture. My mother wanted a pic of the enormous hydrangea in relation to a human and I was being a bit of a smartalic. The flowers around this city are crazy huge. Almost cartoon like. Being in Victoria feels a little like the Truman Show. It's almost so perfect it feels fake. But I loooooooove it there.
Tomorrow: Day 4 - Seattle


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