Friday, August 6, 2010

Confessions of Quirky Quirks

It's been a while since I tossed my pride aside and Confessed some of my more embarrassing moments or traits. Over a year in fact. So here are a few Angie quirks that may not have any reasoning behind them, but they make me me.

1. When I write out a grocery list it has to be perfect. If I don't like the way I wrote something I will rewrite the entire list. Jim knows this and is always adding things in his own handwriting which drives me crazy, but I refuse to let myself rewrite it at that point because somehow I think that would make me weird.

2. If I get a coffee at Starbucks or the gas station or somewhere with to-go cups, I refuse to drink out of it until the hole lines up with the logo. It's the first thing I check.

3. I cannot look at anyone with bushy eyebrows because it makes my eyes water.

4. I love tomatoes and eat them almost every day, or at least several times a week, but chop them up and add them to other ingredients and I'm suddenly repulsed.

5. I say people's names excessively when I talk to them. And a lot of the time it's the first and last name together. I didn't really notice it until several years ago an employee said "you say my name a lot" and I was kind of like "really?" and she said yes then someone else confirmed. But I don't care. I like names.

6. I wouldn't really label myself as a clean freak, but I absolutely won't cook anything until I clean the stovetop.

7. I sometimes base my day's decisions on what my morning horoscope or tarot card reading said. It's the first thing I do in the morning.

8. I have issues with spending money. The other day I labored over a $6 t-shirt. I walked to the store in the mall intending to purchase one. Decided against it. Walked almost all the way back to my car before deciding, yes, I do really want it, and walking all the way back to purchase.

9. I'm a winker. I don't know how this happened or where it started but it's there. And I'm certain I don't even realize it half the time, but when I do I'm usually embarrassed afterwards. Like when I was recently introduced to a young, male employee of a sister-store. Hi, I'm Angie. {wink} Welcome to the company. {wink} Geez.

10. I still hold my breath when I drive by a graveyard because it's something I was told to do when I was young and I just never stopped.

11. Touching food is no problem for me, I can even de-gut a raw chicken without a thought, but once the food has been eaten off a plate, that plate disgusts me and I will only touch the edges. If any of my fingers or thumbs touch leftover food I want to gag, even if it's my own plate.

12. I smile when I watch TV. Like the whole time I'm watching TV. A big crazy-person smile. I have to keep water handy because my mouth dries out.

Trust me, there's more crazy where that came from but I don't want to scare you away. Feel free to list some of your own quirks so I feel better about myself.



Mom said...

Bless your heart, you need help!! You've been away from home too long.
You shop just like your mom, carry something around for an hour, put it back, rethink, then go back and buy it.

Lynn said...

You DO say names a lot, it's cute! Another quirk... you don't reply to texts. JUST SAYIN!!! <3 ya

Angie said...

Dynn, you're right, I am horrible at returning calls and texts, sorry! Still love ya though :)

Mom, I shop exactly like you. I am still kicking myself for putting back some $2 plates two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

umm... Angie, you are the coolest person...ever.

Angie said...

Hey Anonymous, if I knew who you were I would want to be your best friend for saying that. But it's all good, I like shy people, and I think you're way cool for being mysterious.