Friday, July 23, 2010

Today At Work

I rode a unicycle for the first time ever. Kind of. I sat on it and fell off of it a couple times but never really got around to riding it per say.

I arrived at one of my stores this afternoon and after loads of work, tons of phone calls, and gobs of reports and really official work stuff (just in case my bosses ever get wind of this) one of the guys says to me out of the blue "Do you want to ride a unicycle?" And I was all "Um... YEAH!" So off he went and came back with the first unicycle I've ever had the pleasure of meeting face to face.

I fully expected to hop on up and start peddling my way around like a circus clown, but the unicycle is much trickier than I thought and I am far less coordinated than I like to admit. Eventually the guy who started this whole thing felt bad that I couldn't even move forward an inch so he suggested I hold onto his shoulder while he walked alongside me. Even that only got me about 2 feet. Disappointed in my lack of sideshow talent, I handed it back over.

Then he zipped around and I was jealous.


1 comment:

Donna B. said...

how awesome is that. One thing that you'd not expect in a work day...unless of course you're a clown. :P