Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday With Friends

What does someone who spends one third of her life in airports and airplanes do on her day off? I go to an airshow and take pictures of airplanes, of course!

At least I wasn't alone this time. I went with these three yay-hoos.

That's Aimee and Sean. You may have seen them before. We like them, they're good eggs.

Our local Airforce Base was hosting an airshow over the weekend. On Saturday I actually had trouble getting home because the show ran long. The air traffic was closed off until they finished which left us no choice but to circle around for 45 minutes.

On Sunday we met up with Aimee and Sean for a little fun and sightseeing.

We toured, we walked, we sweated, we laughed, we walked, we sweated. Is sweated a word? If not, then we perspired grotesquely, especially those 10 minutes we were trapped inside the back of a 200 degree airplane with sixty of our closest friends.
My favorite part had to be the flight simulator. I am always up for eating nachos and a frozen lemonade then spinning upside down over and over. Lucky for Jim I have a stomach of steel.

We ended the night with a movie where Sean was repeatedly harassed by the security person who comes in every twenty minutes with a portable nightlight. Either he looked sketchy or she was suspicious of us looking at each other and laughing every time she came over.


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