Thursday, July 1, 2010

Avoiding Adulthood

The downside to being an adult is that you have silly little things called "responsibilities" that often get in the way of fun. They force you to make decisions that you know are for the best, even though it isn't want you want at all. The upside to being an adult is that occasionally you can choose to ignore them.

This morning I went to the doctor for a thing and they weighed me. I weighed 10 freaking pounds more than I did at my lowest point earlier this year. CRAP! I handled it in the most adult, responsible way I possibly could. I bought these new pretzel M&M's (still not as good as the peanut butter ones) and went home to make some cupcakes (eating at minimum 1/2 cup of raw batter).

After baking said cupcakes, Jim and I went for lunch at Applebee's. I had a moment of cupcake batter guilt and ordered a salad with shrimp. That was my only true adult moment today.

After lunch we went to Toys R Us where I bought a hula hoop and some alphabet refrigerator magnets. I had been jonesing for both items for a while now. Jim was after something called Stompers but came up empty handed.

On the way out Jim was pulled in by one of these claw machines.

It took 3 chances, but he hit the jackpot on the last try with a triple victory.

We named them Barry, Pinchy, and Gill.

As soon as we got home I started putting my new magnets on the fridge. Jim immediately did this.

Then we did this.

And this.

PS. I kick butt at hula hooping.


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