Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bahamas - Day Three

Welcome to Nassau, Bahamas!

We stopped off on our third day at the capital of the Bahamas. When we got there we asked one of the locals where to find a beach. The plan was to find the beach, lay out and swim for a few hours, do a little sight seeing and then hit the shops for some vacation memorabilia.

It didn't exactly work out that way.

The local gave us some pretty simple directions. Go to Bay Street and follow it around the corners to the beach. Sounded easy enough. Let me interject that Nassau is a beautiful place but for this small town girl it was a wee bit scary. It is a very, very, very congested city with a lot of honking and yelling. Everything is old and run down, which I would normally consider quaint, but in this particular circumstance it was not. We were the out of place tourists with the neon signs over our heads that read: ROB US. Anyway, the simple directions turned into a 30 minute walk with me clutching my camera case until my fingers got tingly. As soon as we got there we decided it was not the place for us, so I white knuckled my camera case and we headed back to where we started.

One hour later we were on a ferry to Paradise Island. This was the place to be! This is where the richy riches live. We began beach search: The Sequel. It would take a million words to explain this experience so I'll short hand it. Island is only 3 miles wide. Several people gave us wrong directions. We walked past the same spot 18 times. We found the beach two hours later.

Finally!!!! Beach time! We did a little sunning. We did a little swimming.

Now for the much agonized over swimsuit picture.

I'm the one way off in the distance, not the one covered in scarves, although that wouldn't have been a bad idea.

And since guys are guys, Jim took another swimsuit picture.

And I figure you all need a shot of my crotch.

You're welcome.



Mom said...

hope you got some sun on those beautiful white legs of yours!!

Angie said...

What are you talking about? This picture is with the tan. You should have seen them before!