Sunday, May 16, 2010

Angie Oakley

I've mentioned before that my job has certain (albeit unorthodox at times) perks. Thanks to my company I recently experienced the thrill of the shooting range. And now I'm hooked.

I had shot guns before but it had been a really, really, really long time ago. If you grow up in the country with older brothers, it's bound to happen. I vaguely remember shooting at boxes on top of hay bales.

This? This was the Real McCoy (on a side note, I watched a documentary on Joseph McCoy this morning, hence that term being in my head).

All in all, I shot 6 different pistols and 3 rifles. Not to brag (read: bragging coming), but I was the only girl there and had closer bullseye shots than the guys with the assault rifles. Girls rule.

This is me with the Big Daddy of the day. The AK47.

What does it mean when a company sends you to an upper management meeting then teaches you how to shoot a multitude of firearms?


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Mom said...

I just dare that bird to sing outside your window now!!!!