Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Of My Very Own

I inherited this sewing machine from Jim's mom, Sandy. Prior to this one I used my mom's sewing machine that I believe she got as a HS graduation gift (around 1984, right mom?). I was totally content to use this one, but as I mentioned last week, it broke. I thought it was me, and maybe it was, but the repair was way more complicated than just replacing a bent needle. It was going to cost $100 to have it fixed. The whole dang thing was only worth about $120.

I'm on vacation this week, and sorely need something to keep my fingers busy so I went and bought a new one. My first sewing machine all of my very own. It's so exciting!

I love you sewing machine and all your fancy little buttons.

On a side note, this dress is going to be worth about $560 when it's finally complete.



Mom said...

Yeah, I'm so happy for you!! Looks like a nice machine. Singer is a great brand. Hope you have that 500.00 dress done by the time I get out there! Remember, patience!!!!

Donna B. said...

It's very cute! I have recently pulled out my machine and stitched a thing here and there. Have fun! And love the ruler on the front.