Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hotel Ironing

I am NOT a fan of ironing. My method of ironing involves throwing something back into the dryer and forgetting about it until 45 minutes later. It's inefficient, but who doesn't love putting on clothes straight from the dryer? It's one of life's great pleasures.

This morning I was just about to walk out the door of my hotel room to go to work when I happened to glance down and notice that my pants were all wrinkled. Normally I wouldn't care about a little wrinkling, but this was drastic. This would have caused people to point fingers at me and whisper behind my back.

I set my briefcase back down and grabbed the ironing board and iron. I plugged in the iron and took off my pants. Just as I was about to lay my pants across the board I noticed how wrinkled up the dang ironing board was.

How can you possibly get your clothes nice and smooth if the surface you're using to iron is wrinkled? So, what did I do? I tried to iron the ironing board cover, of course! It didn't work so I had to move forward and do the best I could.

In the end I think I looked decent from the front and a little like I slept in my pants from the back.


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