Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Simple Valentine's Project

First of all, this is way too easy to even call a "project." It took about 30 minutes start to finish. And secondly, I totally scraplifted this off of Ali Edward's blog.

All you need is a picture frame that has a raised double mat, a heart punch, some 3-D foam stickers (mine were left over from the google eye escapade)....

...and some scrap paper.

Figuring out the placement was the hardest part and I'd give you the formula if I knew it, but I am way bad at math so I just spaced it out by counting the lines on the ruler and drew a grid.

Obviously you don't want grid lines showing, so I took a straight pin and poked holes through at all of the cross points (and felt like the most clever person that ever lived for thinking of it) and used the reverse side.

Place little 3D stickies over the pin holes and center the hearts on each sticker.


Super easy, but mighty cute Valentine's art.



Samantha said...

This is a SUPER cute idea. I love it and am going to make it this weekend!

Donna B. said...

very very cute! Would be fun with cupcakes or gift punches for birthdays and leaves for fall...and...and...and..