Thursday, January 14, 2010

This One Is For Me

One of my 2010 list items was to record both of my Grandmas on video. Since I was back home last week, I visited each of them and pestered them with my camera.

These short clips capture each of their personalities perfectly.

The first one is my Grandma Norie. She is soft spoken, gentle, loving and sentimental.

The second is my Grandma Lillie. She is also loving, but she's silly and giggly.

And they both have iconic fashion sense.



Samantha said...

I want to see them but it says that it is a private video..... :0(

Angie said...

Whoops! I'll fix it. Please stand by.......

Samantha said...

One thing off your to do list and a precious memory for you! Isn't it nice to have grandma's who love you so much and who are good friends too. Grandma Pauline passed two years ago today. I wish I had a video like that of her.