Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Ritual

(aka The Longest Post Ever)

Every Sunday around 9am I take my trip to the grocery store. I love grocery shopping like a child loves going to Toys R Us. I could (and do) spend hours in there just cruising around looking at everything.

Let me clarify one thing. Fred Meyer has made me a grocery shopping fan. If I had to do my shopping at Walmart, I would avoid it at all cost. Fred Meyer may be the best store ever. I believe it's a northwest exclusive, but it can best be described as what it would be like if Macy's or Dillard's sold food. A little more spendy, but totally worth it because I don't leave wanting to hurt someone.

Step one: Secure shopping cart without a tweaked up wheel.

Step two: Get Starbucks.

At this point I thought to myself "Crap, I forgot to get a cart with a cup holder."

After collecting the crack laced coffee, I head over to the produce. This store has the most beautiful produce area.

I buy apples every week. See the prices? I have to have the most expensive ones. No others will do.

This is when I start playing. I'm not sure why I always get the apples first. After the apples, I head straight to the dishes. This store always rotates a gorgeous display of dishes every couple weeks. Here's the newest one.

I want to buy them and host a tea party with little finger sandwiches.

I love the dishes here.

I've been eyeballing these for a couple months now.

These too.

I want to get these and throw a Cinco De Mayo party. I have a lot of imaginary gatherings in my mind.

After drooling over all the dishes and talking myself out of them for yet another week, I make my way over to the magazines. I'm one of those annoying people that spends 30 minutes looking through the magazines and cookbooks for ideas but never buy one.

Time to get busy because I think I've already been in the store for nearly an hour.

There are some things that I must have the name brand. Paper towels are not one of those things. While some may argue that Bounty and Brawney are more absorbant, I think I can buy 6 cheap rolls for the price of one good roll, so in the end I'm still saving money.

Does anyone else have issues paying almost $12 for detergent? It's too much. I would write a letter if I knew who to send it to.

Sandwich bags are a name brand must. Not only that, I need the ones that are easy zip. Even though yellow and blue make green, sometimes it just takes too much effort to match it up. I have no pateince for that.

My cart looks like this now. Please note that things are placed and never thrown in. Jim isn't allowed to shop with me anymore because he's a tosser.

I never grind my own coffee, but I always go through this aisle anyway because it smells delicious.

This is my favorite produce guy. It's possible that he smiles and says hi to everyone, but I like to think we have a special bond.

(Is it just me or does it feel like the music from Jaws should be playing here?)

About now I start losing focus on the actual shopping. I noticed the holiday aisle is all dolled up with Valentine's Day stuff. I don't care what holiday it is, I am always drawn to that aisle.

Look, more dishes!

I think I need that little red pedestal in the lower right corner for my one-of-these-days tea party.

And then, because I hadn't made my way over to the clothing area yet, I headed that way.

I require very organized vignettes for shopping. See these clearance racks? I consider those too much of a hassle.

I'm starting to realize how much of a shopping snob I am.

Here's me saying "Hey everyone!"

This is how I typically dress for the grocery store. I abhor when people wear sweats to the store. If you do that STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

An hour and a half after starting, I'm finally ready to check out. Honestly I could stay longer, but Jim starts getting curious.

This is my least favorite checkout lady. She's crazy and is always asking personal questions based on what I'm buying.

When I found an acceptable lane, I looked to see what the person in front of me was buying. I guess I'm just as bad as the checkout lady, but at least I don't ask questions.

I just take pictures.

Now tell me you didn't look at that picture and wonder how horrible this lady's house smells that she needed FIVE Renuzits.

When I checkout, I like to organize my stuff by how I would like it bagged. All refrigerated items must stay together, all non-food items must stay together, all fragile items, etc.

It actually bothers me that those taco shells are upside down. Missed that one.

So there ya go. More info than you ever needed to know about my Sunday ritual.



Mom said...

If you wasn't my daughter,I'd swear you have an OCD problem!! That blog was quite interesting! Love you

Lynn said...

I simply just love you, this made my day! BTW, you look SO freaking cute in your boots!!!!!

Samantha said...

I agree- cute boots and you are OCD!

This is a blog you might like to check out.

Donna B. said...

you make me laugh. I shop pretty close to the same way. My kids sometimes try to help me load groceries if they are with me so I had to quit taking them. I must have all my items together in a certain way in certain bags so that I know where to load them in the van. I also meander through the store forever...but Rob calls it hiding.
And the renuzits? I thought "hmmm, she must have cats...or coupons."