Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Problem With Work Clothes

It's very possible that I'm not as young as I think or pretend I am.

Technically I'm 32. I may or may not act and dress like I'm still twenty-something.

My favorite clothing store sells stuff like this....

But most of the time I have to be responsible and dress like this....

This week when I was at my favorite store, but dressed businessy, I felt about as fun and trendy as this....

Every time I shop in work clothes, it's a bad experience because (a) people think I'm a flight attendant, or (b) they think I work there, and (c) I feel lame.

Case in point, while I was in JC Penney on this particular shopping day, a very sweet old lady stopped me to ask if I could tell her the discounted price on the purse she was looking at.

I calculated the discount for her.

It made her happy.

I was happy to help.

It happens all the time.



Samantha said...

Just walk in your favorite store and ask the sales person to style up your business attire. It will challenge them. They have to keep the overall integrety of the outfit but add their stores point of view to the outfit. Then pretend you are one of those secret shoppers.... it will make them sweat and get you some variety.

Angie said...

Do you think they'd give me free stuff?

Donna B. said...

:) Great idea Sam!
btw, your favorite store looks a lot like my teenagers favorite you must be young at heart, even if you are a "bit" older than them. :)