Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Things He Does

Anyone who knows Jim knows that he has a tendancy toward pranks. Little pranks, big pranks, elaborate pranks, etc.

Here's a small list of some of his handiwork:
  • He hides activated magnetic anti-theft strips in my wallet so that when I go shopping I have to suffer the embarrassment of setting off alarms and being considered a possible shoplifter.
  • Last summer he pushed our car passenger seat backrest the entire way forward then pulled out the fuse so when Alan got in he was terribly uncomfortable. When Alan tried to adjust it and it didn't work, Jim tried to convince him he was either doing it wrong or broke it.
  • When our stylist, Shannon asked if I had lost weight, Jim told her it was because I had worms.
  • When our dentist commented that my cleaning wouldn't take long because I take very good care of my teeth, Jim ratted me out and told him I wasn't flossing everyday, so I got in trouble.
  • Once I pulled out my license and there was a beard drawn on my face.
  • A couple years ago Jim had a horrible case of foot odor and I insisted he wash his feet before he came to bed. When I went to bed I complained that I could still smell his feet. Turns out he washed his feet but put his rotten socks in my pillowcase.
  • At Christmas he's known to not only unwrap and rewrap his gifts, but he has also wrapped my own clothes and given them to me. Movies too.
  • When we were back home using Mom's car, Jim bought a bunch of really stinky pine tree air fresheners and hid them up inside her seats.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. I spend a lot of time watching my back.


Jen said...

That is great! Jeff and I love to play pranks on each other! It makes our marriage exciting! :o)

Mom said...

Everyone should watch their backs with Jim around!! Gotta love that boy!