Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 To Do List

1. go roller skating at a roller rink
2. spend one week collecting as much ephemera as possible
3. visit Mt St Helens
4. go snow skiing with Jim
5. meditate on the beach
6. eat pomegranate and starfruit
7. make meatloaf and try to eat it (my #1 most hated food)
8. record both grandmas on video
9. get a passport and visit Canada
10. buy cool rain boots
11. take a walk in the rain
12. grow monster strawberries
13. buy a new Christmas tree
14. gain a basic knowledge of photoshop
15. go ice skating
16. take a picture every single day
17. wander slowly through an art museum
18. get a public library card and use it
19. find a piece of poetry that speaks to me
20. make a mini album about a trip to the grocery store
21. sit on a park bench and eat an orange
22. climb a tree
23. December Daily album (3rd time’s a charm)
24. locate and overuse a photobooth
25. watch the following classics: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, My Fair Lady.
26. take a yoga class
27. sew an article of clothing and wear it
28. start a collection of spontaneous smiles.

29. swing really high
30. carry a piece of chalk and write my name on sidewalks all over the country
31. eat at The Melting Pot
32. learn to play at least one song on my fiddle
33. create and design new blog home (or really spruce up this one)
34. lay on the ground and find animal shapes in the clouds for an hour
35. read a book on public speaking

36. write a haiku


1 comment:

Samantha said...

There is a photo booth at the Belk's end of the Branson Landing. You will have to come home to use it but if you get in a bind, it is there for you.

That spontaneous smile thing is going to be hard. I just see what is there not the smile. Guess I am too literal.