Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quilted Christmas Ornament Giveaway

I'm feeling very crafty, givey, and Christmasy lately, so what better than to combine all three?

I am so excited to do a little giveaway!

Here are the details:
I want to give away a set of 10 handmade Christmas ornaments. The winner will be randomly chosen and will get to chose from the following styles...

The Country Quilt Ornaments

The Victorian Ornaments

The Fancy Blingy Ornaments

Chances are pretty good I'll give the remaining 2 sets away at a later date.

To enter just leave a comment telling me one of your favorite Christmas gifts that you've ever given or received. I will leave this open all day Wednesday and announce a winner Thursday.

Good luck!!

One more thing. When I return home this weekend, I plan on making a video tutorial on how to make these yourself!



Annette Smith said...

The best gift I have ever given was a picture collage to my mom back when I was in college. I didn't have a lot of money but I bought a frame and then picked my favorite pictures to put in it. She still has that frame in her bedroom at her new home ( one of very few from the old house) . I am planning on doing a year of Cami calendar this year!

Angie said...

What a great idea Annette! BTW, what a fun way to help each other come up with ideas for this coming Christmas!!

Jen said...

This gift came out of no where. Growing up we had chickens, ducks, and geese, and my mom would always cook a turkey for Thanksgiving and a goose for Christmas. On Christmas my mom would always show our geese the frozen one she bought and say "Merry Christmas" to them - meaning their present was that we weren't cooking them!One year on Christmas Eve we kept hearing a noise. I looked outside and there was this goose on our front porch. I knew it was different from our geese because it had the hump on its nose. I opened the door and the goose walked in the house. We never knew where the goose came from, but from then on the goose stayed with us. It was quite a Christmas present that year - lol! It isn't a material thing, but it was a Christmas gift I won't ever forget.

Donna B. said...

By the way...Jean 1...(me) is Donna Gabel Bieb :)

Donna B. said...

Angie, Your ornaments are lovely. I'm very impressed with your skill...and your blog is beautiful!

My favorite Christmas gift received would have to be the year I put all my parents photos into a scrapbook for them. It ended up being a gift for me too since I was able to scan many of them for my own books...adding to my history.

Sara Blanchfield said...

Wow, the ornaments are gorgeous!
The best gift received will come this year, our newest baby girl is due to be born around Christmas!
I think most parents will agree that the best gifts given are the ones that make your kiddos wild with excitement!
Great blog, Angie!

meganlee1221 said...

Hey Angie !!! my favorite gift that i ever received was the original nintendo with duck hunt. It was used so it hardly worked but I was so proud of my nintendo. The best gift I ever gave was a cheezy poem I wrote for my mom called you were there. I cut and pasted the words onto the sunset background on the micrsoft desktop bacgrounds and put it in a frame. That was in 4th grade IM 25 now and still to this day my mom has the framed poem on her entertainment center. HEHE merrry christmas angie

Katrina (Thornton) Green said...

I think my favorite Christmas memory is that Earl Friebe always bought a new pair of boots every fall. Thelma would save the box and line it with aluminum foil then load it with homemade sugar cookies that she had baked & decorated. They would bring it up a day or two before Christmas and that would be our breakfast Christmas morning. The other one I remember most is that the year I was 21 I asked for a teddy bear. I did not ever remember having one. Christmas morning I opened my presents to find nothing but clothes. That afternoon Mom asked me what I had gotten and I told her clothes! She asked what else and I told her nothing and she got up and went down the hall to her bedroom and came back with a present. When I opened it, it was a musical teddy bear. She had forgotten to get it out. But I had my teddy bear. I miss her.

meganlee1221 said...

hey angie blondie1221is david lee sorry iwas logged under my wife megan

Samantha said...

While not one of my favorite memories, it is my strongest Christmas memory. One year, I believe it was 3rd or 4th grade, I came home the last day before Christmas break with bumps. While kids today would have no idea what that was, all of those who are my age would recognize it as Chicken Pox. I had them everywhere especially on the bottom of my feet. My dad had to carry me to the bathroom because I could not walk on the sores. Christmas Eve at Grandma Norie's was always a tradition and back then we could all easily fit around the coffee table to eat Christmas dinner. This Christmas Eve, I had to miss because none of my cousins had been exposed to Chicken Pox yet. It was the strangest feeling being home on Christmas Eve! The next day, Grandma Norie stopped by with mine and Michael's Christmas gift- a sleeping bag ( I think Snow White). I look at pictures from that year and still remember the one and only year in my life that I have missed Christmas Eve at Grandma Norie's.

PS- the last day I was contagious with Chicken Pox was the day that school started back from break so I did not miss a single day of school!

Marsha said...

I received a mother's ring the year after Matt was born. Dennis and the kids actually kept it a secret, I was so surprised!