Monday, November 23, 2009

My Life on November 23

(journaled 11/23 at 6:30 am)

Outside my window... I am thousands of miles above the ground watching the sun rise from above the clouds. The sky has layers of orange and pink and as the sun continues to rise I close my eyes and let it warm my face.

I am thinking... how spectacular this view is and how there will never, ever be another one just like this one.

I am thankful for... first class upgrades even though I’m out of my element.

I am wearing... a navy suit

I am creating... nothing currently, but I bought supplies for the next artsy video

I am going... to Idaho Falls, ID for an overnight work trip.

I am reading... nothing right now. I need a new book.

I am hoping... the guy behind me shuts his trap. Here’s a nugget of advice. If you’re talking to a stranger for 30 minutes and they only respond with one syllable non-words like huh, hmm, yep, etc.; that means they want you to stop talking.

I am hearing... (see above)

On my mind... Friends.

From the kitchen... Since I’m on a business trip I’ll be dining out tonight.

One of my favorite things... Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bars. Love these better than any real candy bar now. I only work out so I have a reason to eat one.

The rest of the week... Didn’t get the Christmas Tree up last week so it’s going up the second I get home and of course Thanksgiving with the Jims on Thursday.

Pondering these words... The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass through this world. There will most likely be no ticker-tape parades for us, no monuments created in our honor. But that does not lessen our possible impact, for there are scores of people waiting for someone just like us to come along; people who will appreciate our compassion, our unique talents. Someone who will live a happier life merely because we took the time to share what we had to give. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. It's overwhelming to consider the continuous opportunities there are to make our love felt.
-Leo Buscaglia

A picture to share...

Any time I see a VW bus I think that person must be really cool and I want to hang out with them. I may need to buy one of these some day.



Lynn said...

November 23 is my mommas bday! I hope you have a great time in IF, keep Jared in check for me!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to Mom Dailey!