Monday, November 2, 2009

A Lesson in Hillbilly Culture

Perhaps a bit of an oxymoron. Part of the charm of country folk is that they are unapologetically uncultured, but we'll get to that in a second.

When we were back home Jim had a full schedule of vehicle repairs and maintenance. On this day he was checking my Dad's power steering pump.

Incidentally, I've observed that the severity of the repair is in direct correlation to the amount of body leaning under the hood.

While Jim was checking out Dad's truck, my oldest brother, Jeffery came over.

I think every cultural group has some sort of tradition that runs deep and is never questioned.

Like Japanese people. We know that they bow to each other in greeting; the deeper and longer the bow, the more respect they're paying to the other person.

In Jewish culture, we know the groom breaks a glass with his foot to signify the remembrance of the fallen temples in Jerusalem.

In Hillbilly culture, it is only proper to share in the "breaking in" of a new firearm. We do this with much pomp and circumstance to represent our support of the Second Amendment (we're a very patriotic group).

So, as is our deep rooted culture, Jeff shared in the shooting of his new gun with his loved ones.

Tradition states Jeff gets first shot.

Jim was honored next.

Since my nephew Jacob isn't old enough to shoot this particular gun yet, he was treated with a ride in the mule to go check the targets (along with my cousin's little ones, Lillie and Buzz Lightyear).

Oh, and we also eat testicles, but that is a tradition I'd prefer not to discuss.



Lynn said...

I love this blog, and more importantly, I love you!

Samantha said...

PS Isn't Lillie the cutest little thing! I just love her!

Samantha said...

I believe that when you were about 4, we went to your house to have mountain oysters. I kept asking what they were but no one would tell me (first clue!) and in your sweet little Angie voice looked at me and finally told me, "They're pig balls and pig nuts." I of course spit a mouthful across the room and realized at that moment that I could always count on you for the truth!

Angie said...

I soooo wish I could remember that Sam!