Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Will Conquer

It turns out it wasn't the baking powder. It's me.

I stink at baking.

I will overcome this affliction. I will learn to bake. I will conquer this thing called "biscuit."

Also, the ornament video is up and running on the Artsy link.

I only went ahead with the posting because I said I would, but I find it really embarrassing, so let's never speak of this again.

Appreciate it.



Lynn said...

Nice, uhmmmm, biscuits???? Love you dearly!

Samantha said...

here is my great idea-- do not worry about making biscuits, buy those frozen ones-- southern style or butter or garlic/cheddar.

Jen said...

It could be your elevation. When we travel to Oregon (every 3 years) we always have to adjust everything because of the elevation. Nothing seems to turn out like we want it. You will get it! Baking is an art - and I am convinced that you are artsy enough!

Angie said...

I like how you ladies think!
I would normally buy the frozen but now it's become my personal mission in life to bake a perfect biscuit from scratch.