Saturday, November 14, 2009

Clabber Girl

Last weekend I tried once again to bake something, and once again I screwed it up somehow. I like cooking. I've never claimed to be especially good at it, but I absolutely stink at baking...

Or so I thought.

Last weekend was the third baking recipe that I attempted that didn't rise. With much frustration I asked Jim, "Do you suppose I have a bad batch of baking powder?" He said, "When does it expire?"

I turned it over and saw this.

It expired over TEN years ago which means it was probably purchased when we first got married.

I packed and unpacked this baking powder through 7 moves. Now I can't bear to part with it. She's part of the family. Clabber Girl is like the daughter we never had.

Don't judge me.



Lynn said...

Clabber Girl is made in Terre Haute.... just a random fact for ya! I could even get ya some more next time I go home!

Donna B. said...

LOL Angie, I've done that. My suggestion...dump the powder and keep the can. I'm sure you can make it work for you in a repurposed way without losing the sentimental buying generic powder and filling the old can with it. :) I finally threw away my spices when I realized that some of them had been wedding presents 18 YEARS ago.

Angie said...

18 years Donna? You win!

Angie said...

In case you all were interested, I went grocery shopping today and my local market carries Clabber Girl. Win-Win!