Friday, November 20, 2009

Christmas Eve Guy

I read one time that Joe Garagiola referred to Yogi Berra as a Christmas Eve Guy. He said “There are people like that… every day in their lives is Christmas Eve.”

My Dad is a Christmas Eve Guy. I can’t say what he’s like when I’m not around, like at work or standing in line at the DMV, but I can say for sure that he is the happiest person I have ever known.

And most affectionate.

He’s such a sucker for babies and they adore his cuddly nature.

He’s one of those guys that are overjoyed by the simplest things. He’s my role model for finding happiness in simplicity. While some people seek out material things to find happiness, my Dad can find joy in watching a video about cows grazing. Literally. I’ve seen it. And I don’t think anything makes him happier than simply being with his family.

My job consists of doing a lot of in depth interviews. I am so disturbed by how many people grow up in homes that lack love and affection. I have been incredibly blessed to not only have extremely loving, affectionate parents, but also my husband, grandparents, brothers, aunts, uncles and cousins. It tears at my heart strings to hear stories of abuse or neglect and I feel just a bit guilty for having such a storybook childhood. Maybe that’s why I’m in this position, to give me perspective on my life. To not take it for granted.

Life is full of lessons if you just open your heart to them.


Donna B. said...

Angie, I couldn't agree more. Your dad has always been giving and kind, adoring of his family and generous to those outside the family. I'm glad you were so blessed.

Mom said...

Sweet Blog!! I think your dad has always considered you his little girl and always will.

Samantha said...

I love your daddy almost as much as my own. It amazes me that our dads could have been one of those stories (dad left at a young age, single mother, alcholic step-father) but that never happened. It shows that you do not have to become a product of your history. The love of a grandfather, the guidance of a Christian mother in addition to a very sweet personality can make you into so much more. We are very blessed!!!
Thanks for the reminder!