Friday, October 16, 2009

Through the Eyes of Jacob

My nephew Jacob spent the most time around us during our week back home out of all the nieces and nephews. They become teenagers and all of a sudden think they have their own lives or something. Well, Jake still thought it was cool to hang out with Uncle Jim and Aunt G. Actually he was probably just hanging out with his dad, and we saw a lot of Jeff. But for the sake of my tender ego, I will assume he wanted to be around us.

One thing I know Jacob did like was my camera. I told him he could take some pictures and the boy took off. 89 pictures later, I had a pretty good idea what young boys do when they wander off.

I have no idea where he found that spider. I'm just glad he took a picture of it instead of bringing it over to show us.

A cute photo of his Grandpa's doggies.

A fun snap of his little cousin Shane.

A captured moment of conversation between me and Jeff.

And a lovely picture of the two of us. Nice shot kiddo!

Jacob told me he wanted a camera for his birthday. I'm not sure if he got one, but his Aunt G thinks he's got talent.



Samantha said...

Jacob Dean is one of my favorite people in the world. He never takes anything seriously, and he is ALWAYS on the go. It is always good to look at the world through another's eyes.

Lynn said...

Such a sweet blog...

Samantha said...

Hey, it just struck me... I think that Shane has his father's reaction to the camera-- stick out your tongue.

Angie said...

I think so Samantha. I have more than one of Shane's tongue!