Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swine Flu and Dude Ranches

Hoping to not get Swine Flu this winter. Hate the idea of wearing a mask during my travels, but how seriously funny would it be to wear one like this?

I leave tomorrow morning on another work trip to a dude ranch called Sylvandale. It's located near Loveland, CO. This will be my 3rd time there and I always enjoy it immensely. I didn't take my camera last time, but I will this time so I can share the beauty of the place with you.



Mom said...

Hope you have fun, I know you don't get phone service, but tell Jim if he hears from you, let me know so I won't worry. Once a mother, always a mother!!!

Samantha said...

We are wearing masks around our house. I think it might be more interesting if I draw pictures on it like this one.