Friday, September 11, 2009

Proof-Reading is Overrated

I've had such good experiences with Salt Lake City this week.

I was finally able to make it onto the grounds of the Mormon Temple (stay tuned this weekend for my pics and the story)!

I ate at my new favorite salad place. Twice!!! And I didn't even drop it on the floor this time!

Then this morning I had a two hour connection at the SLC airport so I was aimlessly walking from magazine store to magazine store (you have to keep moving or you risk getting kicked out) and I ran across this priceless gem of an oversight.

I may buy it tomorrow.


1 comment:

Tony and Amanda French said...

That has to be the best mug... I would like one. Lol... I guess the next time I'm there I'll pick one up. That is so funny.