Monday, September 14, 2009

I Finally Made It

After many failed attempts at visiting the elusive Mormon Temple, I was finally able to get through the gate.

For those just joining us - I am not LDS. I am a simple protestant girl who happens to have a curiosity for all things Mormon. I'd probably have the same affliction for Catholicism if I lived remotely close to Vatican City.

I must admit I felt a little trepidation passing through those entrance gates, like they were going to close me in and point fingers at me and yell "Heretic!"

My second thoughts were simply how majestic and beautiful it was there. Like Cinderella's castle at Disney World, only much grander.

These gorgeous flower beds were everywhere.

My excitement faltered a little when it didn't appear there was any direct way to the Temple. I saw this door and imagined there was some guy in there with a large, green furry hat guarding the path (like on Wizard of Oz). It was really hot, so I can't be entirely blamed for my vivid images.

And then there appeared to be even more blockage in the form of a medievel iron fence.

But it turns out that if you just keep going, it opens up into something kind of like a cobblestone courtyard. I wasn't sure if I was allowed in there, because the only people I saw seemed to belong to a wedding party.

I lingered for a moment, then filed in behind a group of people, trying to stay close enough that it appeared like I might be with them, but far enough away as to not scare them.

This is proof that I really was there...

The building is quite impressive. The construction began in 1853 and took 4o years to complete.

The walls at the base are nine feet thick.

There are doors everywhere. I hung out next to this one hoping someone would come or go so I could get a peek inside.

Well Mormon people, I don't agree with your views, but I still think you're super nice, and you've got one heck of a nice Temple.

Thanks for letting us "normies" look at it (if only from the outside).


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Mom said...

I could totally see you being a wedding crasher just so you could do more investigating!!! And you wonder why I worry about you!!!