Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Days Are Like This

When we last talked about Salt Lake City, I explained the difficulties of trying to visit the Mormon Temple (for those who don't follow regularly, I'm not Mormon, just nosey).

I have one overnight trip to Salt Lake each month now. My last trip there was several days ago. I was so excited at a second opportunity to check out the LDS Mecca, but once again, it was not to be.

The problem is that I keep trying to see it on a Saturday. Who knew Saturday's were a popular day for Weddings? OK, I maybe should have picked up on that after the first visit.

The Temple wasn't the only thing I was excited to experience in SLC. There is a fabulous little gourmet sandwich and salad place I found last month called Zupas Cafe. If you have a Zupas in your area, you simply must go there. It is amazing!
*Please note my use of italics to emphasize my strong feelings about this place.

This delectable cafe serves up artsy little sandwiches like Turkey Bacon Avocado, Boston Crab Melt, Turkey Spinach Artichoke. I love that they use obscure cheeses like Muenster instead of the typical cheddar. But the creme de la creme are the salads. Oh my gosh, the salads! Beautiful mixed greens with your choice of creative toppings. And to top it all off, the BEST fat free raspberry dressing every made. No, the big topper has to be that every meal comes with a chocolate covered strawberry.

I did a Friday/Saturday stay in SLC. I got take out from Zupas Friday night and delightfully gorged in the comfort and solitude of my hotel room. I enjoyed it oh, so much that I went there again on Saturday on my way to the airport.

But first I had to swing by the Temple for my second attempt. I did my customary 37 laps around the Temple looking for a parking spot until I had no more time to spare. At least I still had my Zupas to look forward to.

I got to the airport. Turned in my rental car. Walked to the ticketing kiosk. Sat my treasure on the kiosk stand. Reached down to get my wallet. Then this happened.

There may have been an expletive escape my mouth at this point, I can't remember. It was all a blur.

I've started a countdown until my next trip to Zupas. And by all that's Holy, I will see that darn Temple next month!



Lynn said...

Seeing that chocolate covered strawberry on the ground makes me nauseaus! That is just WRONG!!!!

Samantha said...

I do not know if you know this or not but the Mormons have several levels of heaven and you can earn higher levels for things like the number of kids you have or getting married in the Temple. The Temple in SLC is kind-of like bonus points. I know I am a little off but I think about it like Super Mario Brothers. You earn points on the big scoreboard in the sky to change levels. Often in my life, I think-- "dang, I lost points on that" or "I ate salad with the Catholic during Lent, surely that I earned points on that one."

It is my warped way of looking at life. I bet you will earn points for each lap you take around the temple but I bet you lost points for the expletive.

Angie said...

LOL, that's awesome Sam.
I know a little bit about LDS so I know I won't be allowed inside. I'll probably lose more points when they find me sneaking in and have to haul my Baptist butt out of there.