Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Airport Games

We have completely established my affinity for observing strangers here, here, and my favorite one here.

Well, I'm going to let you in on my favorite airport game. I like to make an instant background story about the people who walk past me. Technically this is judging people, so I call the game "Judgement" but that sounds very negative. There's no harm here, just stories.

Occassionally I get to travel with others. Playing Judgement is the best with other people involved. Everyone has a different take on the story. Sometimes we agree and sometimes I don't get where they come up with their ideas. That's what makes it fun. So let's get started!

This is Paul. He's a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. He's done the same work for 40 years. He used to be overweight but he had a health scare in the 80's and has eaten healthy since then. He's been married to the same lady since he was 20, and he's well respected in the LDS community.

Ah, sweet Betty. Betty is on her way to visit her first Great Grandchild in Wisconsin. She and her husband, Earl bought a home in Arizona 5 years ago. She makes a mean casserole and never attends any holiday function without bringing her homemade fudge (which everyone pretends to like). She's a cuddly grandma and takes her teeth out to make the kids laugh.

These two are actually both from a small town in western Iowa. They hated the small town atmosphere and moved to Seattle where she works as a waitress and he works as a cook at a well known Italian restaurant. They're on their way back home because Andrea's mom is throwing her dad a surprise 50th Birthday party.

And then there's this guy. I'm curious what other people think his background is, so you tell me. Come on, don't be a stiff.
I have a whole file of pictures of strangers, so expect to see this game again.



Mom said...

I think this is Ronnie. He is a professional bass tournament fisherman. He has been to Texas to fish in a tournament and he is on his way home to Mo after not catching anything!!

Angie said...

Good one Mom!
What say the rest of you?

Samantha said...

PS-- I like this game!

Samantha said...

I think his name is Paul. His parents are elderly and he is coming home from moving them into an assisted living center. He feels guilty that he lives far away but he has no choice with work. He is a good son who calls his parents on Monday and Thursday nights each week.

Lynn said...

I do hate to break the bad news, but it needs to be said. This is Pate, he is headed home to his wife of 5 years in Madison, WI. He spent the last 4 days on what his wife believes to be a business trip. Sadly, noone gets this tired on business. Pate has a girl on the side in Reno. They have been "seeing" each other for over ten years, she is married as well. Neither will leave their spouses due to pre-nuptual agreements. He typically falls asleep in the airport, due to his lack of sleep while "on business."

Angie said...

Nice job Ladies!
Here's my take...
His name is Louis. He and his overbearing wife are on their way back home from their 10 day Florida vacation. They were vacationing with his wife's sister and her husband. They're all loud and confrontational. He's merely pretending to sleep so they'll leave him the heck alone.