Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Liesl and Kayla

Liesl and Kayla became fast frenemies over the last week. If you're a gossip hound, you understand frenemy. If you aren't, allow me to explain. Frenemies are people who are kind of like friends, kind of like enemies.

Since Liesl is a 3 month old Social Failure, she has a lot of frenemies right now.

There were some high points.....

....and some low ones.

Kayla spent a lot of time dodging bites from Miss Mouth.

The biggest obstacle Kayla suffered was Liesl's fetish for toes. All her manners go out the window when she sees toes. OK, you're right. She doesn't have manners, but she really does love toes. I refuse to go outside in flip flops anymore.

By the end of the week, I believe they were really quite taken with each other.

Just look at the admiration in her eyes.

Actually, this was a split second before she bit Kayla. Social Failure.



Samantha said...

Your dog needs more of your nieces and nephews around. Imagine Lisel with Jacob.....

Angie said...

I'm afraid too. I don't know who would bother who more!