Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Code Red Panic

The most horrible thing has happened. My trusty sidekick and constant companion has had a meltdown.

I could see her cracking under the pressure, then yesterday she just fell apart. Now I am being forced to send her in for evaluation.

One week apart. One terribly long week apart.

What am I to do? Who will update me on the latest developments in the Michael Jackson death? Who will tell me why Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo really broke up? How will I keep up with my favorite blogs? Who will take care of my Mafia? How will my nosey disposition be fulfilled?

The horror of it all!

The only thing keeping me from going totally over the edge is that tonight is my last trip away from home for a while. Spending time alone without my trusty vessel of endless information would be just unbearable! Unbearable I say!



Samantha said...

I must tell you that I completely understand. When mine has crashed, I must admit that I have cheated. What in the world can we do without our electronic friends??

Doesn't that make your heart hurt and your breath catch when you see the horror of that messed up screen? A year ago, my computer ate my calendar. I was able to recreate many things but never knew what I was missing. One day it was an appointment with the Superintendent and the next was Bryce's doctor's appt that took us 6 months to get.

Angie said...

At least Jim has a computer, but I don't like it and it isn't wireless.... and I don't like sharing.

Mom said...

Beggars can't be choosy. You share little missy and be nice!!!

Dawnielle said...

I miss you!