Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weight Watchers - Week 2

I have been a slave to Weight Watchers for exactly 2 weeks.

That's 14 days of perpetual hunger and 14 days of complaining about perpetual hunger.

OK, it's not that bad (don't listen to me! I am seriously hungry, but I'm trying to be outwardly positive).

The thing that kills me most is the location of my local WW. The second you walk outside you get slammed with the wafting aroma of fried chicken.

This girl loves fried chicken (Mmmmmm, fried chicken).

And as if that weren't torture enough, WW is only a jump and a skip from this evil:

Is this a trick? Are they setting a trap?

Darn you Weight Watchers and your wretched mind games!


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