Monday, June 1, 2009

My Biggest Fears

This is my airport.

This is Jim picking me up from the airport.

I know it's not very economical, but 4 days a week he makes a 30 mile round trip drive to drop me off or pick me up.

It's all because I'm afraid of parking garages.


My heart races and I have to walk on my tip toes so my stupid high heels don't make as much sound and alert all the rapists as to my location.

So, here comes my gallant knight on his white horse to save me from the terrible fate that is the parking garage.

Oh, and stretchy cheese.

I fear parking garages and really stretchy cheese.



Lynn said...

Angie, please don't gag on the stretchy cheese while being raped in a parking garage, that would be about all a girl could handle! BTW, love J's Jeep!

Samantha said...

I think that is what happens when you grow up in the country. The tallest things in our neighborhood are barns. Not too many parking levels in those. Parking garages scare me too!