Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Stranger Observations

This is my least favorite personality type to sit next to. Let's call him Mr. Pompous Man.

Mr. Pompous Man is seriously the worst. He is loud and opinionated. He laughs at his own jokes and has the need to curse throughout his conversation.

He likes to talk to the people next to him as if they were old friends. He likes to openly discuss his opinions on politics and religion then throw in the occasional offensive remark.

Mr. Pompous Man also likes to brag about himself. In a short time you will learn that he drives a Hummer and belongs to a country club. He and his wife had a wonderful time in Maui last month, but they prefer going to Kauai. And he knows the King of Mumbai.

Please note the alcoholic beverage in front of him. Mr. Pompous Man is never without it.

Now this guy I like.

I can appreciate that he's a balding man in a business suit who just wants to be left alone to read who wore what best in the latest US Weekly.



Lynn said...

I do not like MPM's either. Have you also noticed they are the ones who CANNOT get off their Bluetooth earbud while waiting at the gate?

Samantha said...

Did you figure out how to turn off the camera sound when you take stranger photos?

Angie said...

Nope. I'm risking personal humiliation more and more each day!