Friday, May 1, 2009

Vote For Dandelions

Just imagine walking barefoot through this bit of green lusciousness.

Imagine the soft, cool blades tickling between your toes and cushioning your every step.

Imagine the satisfaction of owning this little piece of lawn heaven.

Now imagine having a neighbor that looks over at your yard in a jealous rage because her's looks like this.

It's true, Hippie Lady has an immaculate yard (perhaps it's because her 4 dogs and pig help keep it fertilized?) and ours is like the Mojave.

I don't think there's a single tuft of grass in our yard. The bits of green you see are dandelions. We're pretty good at growing those.

Here's how I plan on addressing this situation: Trick everyone into thinking dandelions are really cool and grass is dumb.

See? In the right light, and at the right angle, they're quite lovely.

Help spread the word. Dandelions are the new black.



Lynn said...

I haven't left this as my comment in a long time, and it's overdue! I just love you!

Alan and Connie said...

I hope it catches on cause they're plentiful here too.