Friday, May 15, 2009

Neighborhood Activities

For the last week one of our neighbors has had some interesting yard activity.

We couldn't figure it out at first.

We thought maybe they were going to add a shop building. Why else would they be digging up their yard?

I found out today that the rumor in the 'hood is that they're digging up their yard so they can bring in top soil and plant a new, better yard. Is this something normal people do?

I told Jim he should go ask if we can have their old yard. Their old yard had less weeds than our current yard. They must hate us if meticulous yards are that important to them.

And while I was in the backyard, I was able to get a quick shot of Crazy Lady (I was hiding behind the grapevines).

She sits in that chair all the time, smoking and staring at our deck. It got so bad we had to put a screen up to block her from staring at us every time we were out there.

She intimidates me.



Lynn said...

I find it funny you put up a screen to block her from seeing you.... but you take pictures of her she doesn't know about!!!

Angie said...

Sometimes stalking is a two-way street!