Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Death of the Dandelions

Yesterday Jim mowed for the first time this year. I took this picture out the front window, sniper style because Jim hates having his picture taken.

I love taking pictures, so sometimes he just deals with it and sometimes I have to sneak around like a ninja. Running stealthily from place to place, jumping and rolling with cat-like speed and reflexes (name that movie).

I followed him around back, happily taking pictures (as yet unnoticed) when I realized he was chopping the heads off of my dandelion friends.


But it was too late. They were victims of Jim's overzealous landscaping. I was sad for a second, but I think I'm prepared to move on.



Lynn said...

Cali could help ya with cat-style moves..... Being that she's feline and all! I miss your Dandelions, sad!

Mom said...

It's called 15-15-15 fertilizer. Tell Jim to put some on your yard!! maybe those beautiful dandelions won't come back.