Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meet Sean and Aimee

Last night Sean and Aimee came over to watch American Idol with us.

This is Sean and Aimee.

Sean started out as our Realtor. He tricked us into helped us buy our home. We are stuck in it really like it. It's on a bad good street, and our neighbors are really loud, with lots of barking dogs nice.

Seriously, these two are fun to hang out with and we're happy to call them friends now. (Ahhhh)

See how engrossed they are here?

We were watching competitive downhill barstool sledding. We're all cool like that.

On a side note, we all think Megan Joy should be sent home tonight.



Lynn said...

Uhmm, is that a new plate he is eating off of?? I need details, you know this kind of stuff excites me, remember, I'm lame!

Angie said...

We totally called the Megan Joy elimination!

Mom said...

Your blog page is too cute. Don't worry I won't call you because I'm not going to try to make one!!