Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Was Bound To Happen

It started out with this guy.

Now I can’t help myself. I need to take pictures of strangers. It amuses me and I get a thrill out of sneaking pictures with the chance of getting caught. Just call me Miss Dangerous. Or Miss Too-Nosey-For-My-Own-Good. Or Miss Needs-To-Get-A-Life.

Here’s what happened today.

I was at the airport, minding my own business, when I noticed this guy.

Can you see that he has his hands down his pants? I was using my camera phone, so the pictures all stink. Then I took this one about 10 minutes later, hands still in the pants.

He could quite possibly win a hands-in-the-pants contest. (I’m big into hyphened phrases today)

Then a lady came over and sat by me, and holy crap did she smell like cigarette smoke (Disclaimer: I have nothing against smokers, per say, just this particularly smelly one invading my good-smelling space).

As is my habit now, I felt the need to take her picture.

I snapped just this one horrible shot and she immediately looked over at me.

Caught. Dang it!

I tried to play it off as best I could, but there was no real recovery. I just looked straight ahead until time to board, praying she didn’t ask questions.

I could tell you that I learned my lesson and that I’ll stop this nonsense, but I won’t. I can’t.
I refuse.



Lynn said...

You are shameless, and I love that!

Mom said...

Someday someone is going to take your picture of you taking theirs!!!

Tracy said...

Love your blog! I have all your posts! It's fun to learn more about the real you and all your funny adventures! See you later! - Tracy