Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Him and Her

She can forget things in two seconds flat.
He can remember where he was the first time he heard a song.

She's whiter than Casper.
He can tan through a car window on a road trip.

She coughs after she takes a drink.
He can't stand coughing.

She's a little bit country (indie and pop).
He's a little bit rock and roll (from the 80's).

She's usually serious.
He's funny as heck.

She's good at breaking stuff.
He's good at fixing it.

She gives him all the onions out of her stir fry.
He gives her all his carrots.

She is a conscientious driver.
He thinks traffic laws are merely suggestions.

She loves him.
He loves her back.



Mom said...

I just want to kiss your little face, you're so sweet!!!! xoxoxo

Lynn said...

And I'm crying.... geesh!